KSHMR and KAAZE sample a historical melody to rejuvenate bigroom with Karra on ‘Devil Inside Me’

When bigroom connoisseur KSHMR and progressive house veteran KAAZE join together in the same studio, the result is otherworldly. After taunting both fanbases for months on end about the impending collaboration, the two powerhouses have officially compounded alongside one of dance music’s most distinguished songstresses in Karra for “Devil Inside Me”.

The lead melody used throughout “Devil Inside Me” may become instantaneously recognizable for some as the trio samples elements of the traditional Jewish ballad, “Shalom Alechem”. Karra’s commanding as ever vocals bring forth a consoling atmosphere to the anthem as intricately composed synths are drenched throughout the track’s bigroom hybrid drop and a haunting breakdown creates a moment of serenity before progressing back into another earthquake-inducing chorus. “Devil Inside Me” decisively satiates fan’s expectations for a long-awaited collaboration between KSHMR and KAAZE as they skillfully merge their discernible production styles into one remarkable effort.

“Devil Inside Me” is officially available now on KSHMR’s Dharma Worldwide.

Photo credit: Rukes