Kasbo takes a melodic hour-long ride on second episode of ‘Cry / Dance Radio’

The Making of a Paracosm rightfully earned top five status on Dancing Astronaut‘s most lauded albums of 2020, and Kasbo hasn’t let his momentum subside in the months following the LP’s release. Formally reinstating “Cry / Dance Radio” on Sirius XM Chill in November, nearly three years after it originally arrived, the Foreign Family associate is now bringing his equally balanced mix series into 2021 with its sophomore installment.Kasbo rigs his second hour-long marathon in the newly revived series with another package of tranquil and reassuringly melodic selections, including The Making of a Paracosm standouts like “Play Pretend,” as well as appearances from OTR and Au/Ra, Elderbrook, and a bank of unnamed productions that pop up intermittently throughout the mix’s 61-minute duration. Stream Kasbo’s second “Cry / Dance Radio” episode below.

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