Kai Wachi brandishes diabolical dubstep on ‘All My Demons’ [Stream] – Dancing Astronaut

For six consecutive weeks, Kai Wachi showed consistency to be one of his strong suits, releasing a new single each week from his latest EP, All My Demons. The eighth week culminates in the grand finale: the project’s full-fledged debut.

The All My Demons preview that Kai Wachi afforded listeners in the time leading up to the EP’s arrival was hearty, but there’s still unheard Wachi sound to be sought on the full production. Streamers will find it in the form of “Vapula” and the eponymous “All My Demons.”

Wachi seizes streamers’ speakers with his visceral style of dubstep. All My Demons’ title track provides a kinetic kickstart to the electronic endeavor. Across the EP, eerie samples (note the alarm in “ASMODEUS”) intermingle with stabbing synths and anchored bass lines situated in the darkest of tonal depths. There’s a devilish allure to all the low-end activity on All My Demons. It distinguishes the effort as another no-holds-barred approach to bass from the producer—his hardcore listeners wouldn’t have it any other way.