Justin Jay puts a house spin on NGHTMRE and A$AP Ferg’s ‘Redlight’ [Stream]

Since launching his Fantastic Voyage collective three years ago, Justin Jay has come into his own as a musician—not just with his extensive band project that taps into numerous genres across the musical spectrum, but rather in terms of his overall approach to music which is to simply have fun.

Justin came up DJing house parties with the friends he is is still performing with today. Now, he gets to make music that embodies that spirit, oftentimes just adding a cool twist on a great party track. That’s exactly what he has done to NGHTMRE and A$AP Ferg‘s ‘Redlight.’

Before Justin Jay remixed this track it was exactly what one would expect from the pair of artists who claim production credit. It’s heavy, reeling, and oh so fitting for a playlist with the term “turn up” in the title. Then Justin Jay shows up and with just a little tweaking, turns it into an uptempo stepper.