Justin Bieber returns to stage for 1st time in two years at Coachella, confirms 'new album soon'

Justin Bieber returns to stage for first time in two years at Coachella, confirms ‘new album soon’

Ariana Grande had some remaining musical tricks up her sleeve for her Weekend 2 Coachella headlining performance. Though Nicki Minaj and NSYNC were notably absent, the gap in cameos was filled tenfold by the first Justin Bieber performance in two years. The Canadian superstar took the stage to dance along with—and sing a bit to—his Skrillex-produced hit “Sorry.” According to Ariana Grande, who happens share the same manager as Justin Bieber (Scooter Braun), the performance was “completely unplanned” and Bieber had just happened to be on festival grounds. “We thought we’d do something fun,” she said.

Bieber chimed in after the surprise that this was his “first time on stage in two years.” Perhaps this was why he didn’t sing along with his full anthem. Then, he confirmed rumors that had been circulating for months in just a few words: “new album coming soon.” Prior to Bieber’s confirmation, various Easter eggs had been dropped by Braun and Bieber himself surrounding new music. More details will hopefully be shared in the foreseeable future.

Photo credit: Getty