Justice Skolnik puts forth bold remix of Khalid and Disclosure's 'Talk'

Justice Skolnik puts forth bold remix of Khalid and Disclosure’s ‘Talk’

The musical articulation of the sentiment that prompts the “what are we?” talk in an emerging relationship, Disclosure and Khalid‘s collaboration, “Talk,” has pervaded radio airwaves and playlists alike. The cautiously curious lyrical nature of the track, combined with Disclosure’s characteristic groove-inducing production rendered the song an instant commercial success, and from Justice Skolnik‘s perspective, Skolnik’s latest re-imaginative endeavor. The electronic power of Skolnik’s take is noticeably more potent than that of Khalid and Disclosure’s decidedly smooth-flowing number, which doubles as a tempered, pop-leaning effort and R&B reminiscent single, all in one.

Gone is the languid pace of the original, and the crisp percussive pops that create the head bob worthy rhythm of “Talk.” Listeners instead receive starry synths that sonically shimmer, drum-like accents that amplify the percussive aspect of Skolnik’s remix, a build that accelerates the BPM, and a layered, multi-chord drop. Skolnik’s showing provides a satisfyingly fresh perspective on Disclosure and Khalid’s inescapable joint project.

Photo credit: Beautifulbuzz.com