Joe Ghost Releases Stunning Debut Studio EP “Begin Again”!

In today’s extremely dynamic landscape, genres seem to rise and fall overnight – ten prompting artists to walk an unsteady tightrope between satisfying their fan base and creating authentically inspired music. Joe Ghost is one such artist on the frontlines the battle to step out the genre box, and his new EP is a brilliant manifestation this belief. Ghost‘s debut studio EP features eight originally produced tracks featuring some talented special guests, such as Joee de Simone and Mermaids Exist.

The collection spans a wide spectrum genres; from the chilled-out vocal basslines “Give Me the Night,” to the UK garage-house influences on the groovy “Believe in You,” to the hard-hitting electro drops “Switch,” Ghost operates seamlessly in shades grey whilst many his contemporaries fall victim to being categorized in black or white. “I approached the EP making process as not just creating individual tracks , but as making the EP as a whole,” explains Ghost, “so each track journeys into one another and life stories and experiences can be told by them.”

One gets the sense moving through different moments  Ghost‘s life as as a spectator, absorbing the emotional and environmental frequencies his memories. Prepare yourself for an adventurous, multi-faceted journey an album, and be ready to welcome Joe Ghost as a champion the modern experimental sound.