Jason Ross and Seven Lions effect melodic bass euphoria on ‘Known You Before’

Some say that souls know multiple lives; that’s the belief that the collaborative trifecta of Jason Ross, Seven Lions, and Emilie Brandt uphold in “Known You Before.” The electronically charged single conceptually explores the distinct and uncanny feeling of having previously crossed paths with a love interest. Brandt’s soaring soprano vocal is a fervent complement to the fervently swelling melodies and accelerant pace of the bass-padded number.

The “cosmic energy” of which Brandt sings finds an energetic match in the song’s potent craftwork; its power is clearest in the breakdowns, which would make quite the pyrotechnic-aided statement in a live setting. “Known You Before” hails from Ross’ forthcoming debut studio album, 1000 Faces, which is currently awaiting its Jan. 24 release Ophelia Records.

1000 Faces will be accompanied by Ross’ 22-city headlining tour of the same name. The live initiative will kick off in Toronto on Feb. 14. A complete list of stops is available here.

Photo credit: Shevin D Photo