Jameson Thieves Proves He's A Genius In Genre Bending "Hagakure"

A producer with a huge year ahead him is the man known as Jameston Thieves. Consistently bringing wildly eclectic bass productions to the market place, the budding producer is chomping at the bit, and about to unleash a torrent huge releases to ring in the new year. The first track to hit the market is “Hagakure”, an uncannily funky tune with lyrical contributions from the Philly-based, Abrax Phaeton. The track features both chill sections and a mean drop, bringing an unparalleled ingenuity to the electro funk style. “Hagakure” effortlessly transcends the future funk genre, bringing his production style to new heights and once again proving Jameston Thieves as a genre-traversing genius. Check it out below.