Jai Wolf Releases Breathtaking Music Video for "Starlight"

Following the long awaited release an ficial music video for “Indian Summer,” Jai Wolf has continued his trend movie studio level videos. This time, it is a cinematic experience for 2017’s hit “Starlight.”

Sajeeb Saha teams up with director Andrew Donoho, and together, the two create one true beauty a film.

“When Andrew pitched me the idea, I thought he nailed the emotional weight the song,” Saha said. “I always found ‘Starlight’ to have that feeling youthful nostalgia and I think Andrew really brought out those themes with the addition some dark sci-fi undertones. The video does a great job bringing that feeling to life.”

The film follows two brothers on a Stranger Things-esque search for a fallen star. It’s one hell an adventure from start to finish with twists and turns and…

But I won’t spoil the beauty anymore, watch Jai Wolf’s ficial music video for “Starlight” below!