Jack Massic delivers a wonderful dance tune together with his newest launch “Shine” that includes vocals from Alina Renae

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Jack Massic delivers a beautiful dance tune with his latest release “Shine” featuring vocals from Alina Renae

With an uplifting summery vibe and comfortable easy vocals, “Shine” is the proper reminder of summer season and seashore events. The mix of guitars, piano and synths on the instrumental praise the voice of Alina very nicely creating an distinctive ambiance and total comfortable energetic vibe to the entire monitor. The power is supplied by the superb use of percussion and drums, the transitions between verses and drops fantastically executed with snare drumrolls and risers. The entire monitor has an amazing ambiance and a cohesive sound, whereas additionally managing to remain fascinating from begin to end with intelligent association and layering of components. Definitely an enormous upcoming dance tune, so be the primary to listen to it and go hearken to it under!

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