House meets trap in new Night Owl Radio episode featuring Dr. Fresch and ATLiens

Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella has proven yet again that his ability to curate diverse top-notch electronic music acts is unmatched. Insomniac’s Night Owl Radio is back and better than ever with a brand new episode featuring The Prescription Records labelhead Dr. Fresch and masked extraterrestrials ATLiens.

First up is the man with a PhD in house music: Dr. Fresch. Dr. Fresch gets in the groove and selects this episode’s Up All Night tracks for the first hour and 15 minutes followed by an exclusive guest mix from trap and bass duo ATLiens. Hot off the success off their recent hit “Shelter” and massive remix album, Ghost Planet Remixes, these two hold nothing back in 40 minutes of head-banging bass.

If listeners enjoy the juxtaposition of house and trap created in this mix and want to see it again, this mix provides that opportunity. As the end of a decade quickly approaches, Dr. Fresch and ATLiens both have New Year’s Eve festival gigs locked and loaded at Countdown NYE Festival in San Bernardino, California.

Photo Credit: Moses Alexander