Haywyre releases bass-ridden melodic exposé, ‘Never Count On Me’

The piano man Martin Vogt, aka Haywyre, has released a melodic gem, “Never Count On Me,” that showcases the artist’s versatility in sound and style.

Through twinkling keys and lush ambiance, dissident vocals cut through the mix and lead into guitar-backed anticipation that falls into a melodically percussive hook with gritty bass, squeaking synths, sultry piano, purposeful percussion, and vocal touches. Elements of jazz and funk are sprinkled throughout the track from the talented musician and producer.

Haywyre is currently in the midst of his six-part Panorama EP series, an intentional exploration of sound encompassing elements from jazz, funk, and electronic. He’s a live performer who tilts his pianos toward the crowd, so people can watch his instrument mastery. View the song live below.

Photo credit: Zachary White/Dancing Astronaut