Guy J is in top form with long-awaited 'Synthopia'

Guy J is in top form with long-awaited ‘Synthopia’

It’s been quite a few years since Guy J‘s “Synthopia” began making its way into his sets. The ID quickly became a cult favorite, and it’s easy to see why. “Synthopia’s” simple, yet catchy hook lodges itself easily in one’s head, while its punchy low end and driving percussion propel it forward at an unstoppable pace. The piece carries an unmistakable Guy J imprint, and is a top weapon to keep in the arsenal for peak time delivery.

Fans around the globe had resorted to hoping for its live appearance until now. After all, Guy J is an artist who likes to keep a fair deal of his prized productions close to his chest to preserve their sentimental and timeless value. However, it felt fitting that, as Lost&Found‘s 60th release, “Synthopia” would finally make its way into the hands of thousands. Alongside the main dish comes an equally stunning “Cicada.” The B-side takes a more laid back approach, hypnotizing listeners with ricocheting synth notes and a classically minded bassline. Both singles make for a standout release, and a welcome return for Guy on his own label following a stint at Bedrock.