Guy Gerber makes enticing re-imaginative outing with rework of Kaz James’ ‘Through Your Love’ [Stream]

Guy Gerber has pressed pause on his original production activity, but his output hasn’t screeched to a sonic halt. Instead, the electronic technician puts forth a fluid rework of Kaz James‘ “Through Your Love.” James’ shuffling, mid-tempo cut has cruised the underground circuit since its release in June.

Gerber musically refuels James’ original, tempering the percussive flair of “Through Your Love” and opting instead for a more beat focused framework. By reeling in this element, Gerber gives greater emphasis to the mystique of the cut’s vocal. Gerber re-imaginatively doubles down, submitting both a near six-minute edit and an extended effort that flirts with the ten-minute mark.

Photo credit: Wall Lounge