Good Morning Mix: Revisit the series-affirming sequel to RL Grime’s inaugural ‘Halloween’ mix

In 2012, RL Grime broke ground on what would become a sonic hallmark of October: his “Halloween” mix series. RL aficionados know the narrative well, but devotee status to the trap demigod or his Sable Valley platform is certainly not a necessary precursor to comprehending “Halloween’s” impact in electronic circles and beyond since its installation. Garnering a cult following in the eight years that have lapsed between 2012 and now, “Halloween” is as much a part of the October holiday as ghostly imagery, and as just about any seasoned electronic listener would readily confess, the Halloween season wouldn’t be complete without it. These points are all easy to assert in 2020, with eight “Halloween” mixes to Grime’s credit. Yet, in 2013, “Halloween” remained very much in a foundational stage, and the dispersal of “Halloween II” would formally classify “Halloween” as an ongoing series. Ensuing years of “Halloween” submissions would enforce the sonic saga’s permanency with freaky, genre-fluid flair.As Grime prepares to take his ninth lap around the “Halloween” circuit, Dancing Astronaut winds the clock back seven years to revisit one of the most pivotal points in “Halloween” history: the series-affirming sequel to “Halloween Mix 2012.” Laced with selections from a diverse cast of creatives, including GesaffelsteinDog Blood, Drake, and more, “Halloween II” retains its impact nearly one decade later. This throwback to “Halloween II” marks the second installment in Dancing Astronaut’s RL Grime Good Morning Mix series, which will take listeners through each “Halloween” installment for the eight consecutive days leading up to the arrival of “Halloween IX” on October 29.Tags: , , , , ,
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