Go one deeper for a second time with Dillon Francis’ surprise return of DJ Hanzel

Dillon Francis‘ German deep house persona DJ Hanzel is as hilarious as he is talented. Fans of Dillon Francis have long raved about the beloved side project, though until only a few weeks ago, a DJ Hanzel appearance was long overdue. On March 28, DJ Hanzel took his audience “one deeper” in a livestream that reached over 70,000 views.

Fortunately, DJ Hanzel didn’t disappear following this rare live set, and to the delight of many, he resurfaced on April 10 for another 60-minute round. Filled with deep IDs from DJ Hanzel himself, as well as a slew of tracks from the likes of Dom Dolla and Noizu, One Deeper Ep. 002 is the soundtrack house heads among Dillon’s fanbase have been waiting for.