Getter returns with more fluttery future bass, ‘Heartless’ – Dancing Astronaut

Getter’s artistic path has been a winding road, worthy of appreciation and ample applause. While the producer endured a tumultuous start to the year—having cancelled his Visceral tour—Getter is back with a new track that seems to solidify his current musical direction.

“Heartless” is a six-minute track that feels almost like a middle finger to all of his vicious critics and self-described fans who led him to cancel his last tour. It’s a total departure from the filthy dubstep that led him to fame, but quite consistent with the better part of his Visceral album.

The song features a downtempo beat with some scrumptiously wicked synths that give a glimpse of the hurt surrounding Getter’s emotionally torturous year of artistry. ’90s-era metal vocals shriek, “Cut my heart out / We’ll never work it out / But we keep trying / And you keep crying / Feels like I’m frozen / You think I’m chosen / Please don’t start this / Maybe I’m heartless.” It’s an unflinchingly emotive track from the notoriously comedic DJ; nonetheless a side of his artistic repertoire worth showcasing. Good game, Getter.

Photo Credit: Rukes