Gareth Emery returns to Monstercat with soulful new single featuring Kovic, ‘Somebody’

Gareth Emery trades in his production-centric creations for a vocally focused new piece “Somebody” featuring Kovic. Soulful vocals and acoustic guitar encapsulate the listener from the onset, then, as the track builds closer to what listeners expect to be a vocal-led chorus, a subtle electronic backdrop comes to the forefront with a splash.

Emery crafts an elaborate, euphoric foundation that builds to become an equally enamoring aspect of the single in complement to Kovic’s vocals. Then the break lands as a perfect, delicately crafted trance arrangement.

“What’s better than trance? Slowed down trance. Seriously though, Kovic is an incredible talent who we’ll be hearing a lot from the next few years, and I was grateful to work with him whilst his career is blowing up,” says Emery.

Earlier this year, Emery teamed up with co-label owner Ashley Wallbridge to release collaborative LP, Kingdom United. “Somebody” comes on the heels of this release, and rounds out a very busy year for the producer. The single is out now Monstercat.

Featured image: Sergei Zarovnyi