Gangsta Boo Posthumous Album Being Worked On


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The Booprint, will be released some time this year. Gangsta Boo’s mother has retained an attorney and once all legal hurdles have been cleared, the project will be released. Several high-profile artists have already signed on and will be featured on the release.

Here’s a quote from her mom:

My daughter Lola was my only baby girl. I was so proud when she would rap as a little girl. She called herself Tinkerbell and would always be singing her little songs. Me and her father Cedric knew she was talented but she took it to another level chile. She became the Queen of Memphis. My baby is loved by people everywhere and it all started at home with us. That’s so amazing to me. It makes me smile ear to ear. God brought her home to be with her daddy Cedric and her brother Derron. I miss her but I know she’s happy with them. I’ll always remember telling her GO GET THEM DOLLAS, but I had no idea how many people would love my baby girl. I’m grateful all y’all support my daughter. Thank you.” – Veronica Mitchell

R.I.P. Gangsta Boo