Galantis and Yellow Claw release uplifting summer collaboration, ‘We Can Get High’

Galantis and Yellow Claw have teamed up to produce an uplifting, summer feeler, “We Can Get High,” that sparkles in the high register with bright piano, summertime melodies, and vocals that inspire hope. The double duo shines in curating a happy environment with a douse of thrill and euphoria, smashing heavier kicks and dancing vocal chops into a casual dance skeleton.

This year, Galantis has teamed up with Passion Pit and OneRepublic, expanding their songwriting repertoire beyond genre confines. The collaboration with Yellow Claw marks a partnership in the dance music space where the Swedish duo sprouted from.

Yellow Claw comes fresh off their Danger Days EP, a heavy exposition that touches on their old sound while exploring other avenues of rhythm.

Photo credit: Jimmy Fontaine