For subwoofers: Doctor Neiman’s ‘men.’

Bombastic bass—it’s just what the Doctor ordered. But streamers get far more than just that, as the aggressive vocal sample—”If you don’t wanna fucking be with me then fucking tell me don’t lead me on!”—that Doctor Neiman situates at the intro to “men.” doesn’t just suggest, but rather screams. With the tick of each second, the “Wait For Me” beatsmith draws listeners further into a dastardly cacophony of bass, choir samples, and slicing electric guitar chords. His screamo-laced, rock-inflected early sonic legacy considered, Doctor Neiman has made no qualms about going heavy, but “men.” effectively catapults him into an upper echelon of bass wielders as he feeds subwoofers something far more raucous than their usual. Though the merciless way with which Doctor Neiman wallops his audience might render this quite the surprise, he’s a formally trained musician, with a background in the piano, violin, and trombone. And, after scoring a slew of releases across NCS, Subsidia, Circus Records, and now, Play Me Records in 2021 thus far, it’s clear that Doctor Neiman’s trajectory-scaling tear is only the faintest preview of what’s yet to come from a maven in the making.Featured image: Desmond ChongTags: , ,
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