Footage shows Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliot detained after physical altercation with security at EDC

Arrest numbers at this year’s edition of EDC Las Vegas were way down in comparison to years passed, with 65 total arrests made over the festival’s three-day run. Very nearly bringing that total to 66 was Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot, who found himself amid a physical altercation with festival security staff on Sunday night (May 19).

Footage obtained by TMZ Sports shows the Cowboys’ star skirmishing with a security guard at EDC, after the staffer stepped in to break up a fight between Elliot and the woman he was with, reportedly his girlfriend. The video shows Elliot going back and forth with the woman several times, and once security tries to defuse the situation, things escalate. Eventually Elliot knocks one of the guards over a barricade with his chest, leading to his detention, though Las Vegas police did not subsequently arrest the running back.

In response to the video being made public, Elliott’s lawyer, Frank Salzano has made an official statement on his client’s behalf, claiming security overreacted to a “normal discussion” between Elliot and his girlfriend. See the footage below.

H/T: Complex