Flux Pavilion finally releases the closing song for his 2019 sets: ‘Endless Fantasy’ featuring Eli-Rose Sanford

Flux Pavilion has finally released “Endless Fantasy” featuring Eli-Rose Sanford, his Circus Records, a melodic bass-touted piece that closed every one of his sets in 2019. With vocals from the man himself, bubbly keys and a lush chord progression dance with Sanford’s voice into melodically driven, heart-throbbing synths that scream.

The English headliner’s sultry voice can be heard on the third verse, giving an emotive rise amongst and orchestral build that transfer the high-energy effortlessly into Sanford’s final words.

This track follows the dubstep forefather’s Turin Brakes collaboration, “I Will Stay,” and his What So Not collaboration “20:25.” Flux Pavilion continues to prove his proficiency in the performance space, with huge sets this summer such as Electric Zoo and a sold out Blacklist Festival in Germany.