Flux Pavilion delivers new dubstep cut,'(Never Gonna) Be Alone’

Following 2020’s acclaimed sophomore studio LP .wav, Flux Pavilion has made his dubstep resurgence this year with the April release of “Lore,” now circling back around once again with an explosive new single, “(Never Gonna) Be Alone.”Taking off with twinkling synth work and a riveting vocal chop, the track immediately fires into heavy handed dubstep territory. Having honed his production expertise over a lengthy career, the veteran UK producer’s latest boasts the nuanced, advanced subtleties of a meticulously built soundscape. After touring 2020’s album last year, Flux treks onward with an impending .wav pt 2, which was teased on social media last year, as well as an ambient album that he’s been working on.The 33-year-old beatsmith took his sound to new heights last year, delivering an intricately crafted album while moving away from his dubstep roots. Now, the “I Can’t Stop” maestro has return with heavy bass stylings and a new perspective to share. Stream “(Never Gonna) Be Alone” below. Featured image: RukesTags: , ,
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