Flux Pavilion and Turin Brakes reach for collaborative trifecta, with ‘I Will Stay’ – Dancing Astronaut

Flux Pavilion continues to counter notions that his name is solely of use in tandem with heavy bass compositions, with the release of “I Will Stay.” The producer has flipped the artistic table for the greater part of 2019, demonstrating his ability to adequately dete from the wonky, bass-fueled constructions that defined his early discography.

The Next to Neon and A:M-assisted “Surrender” and its successor, “20:25,” produced alongside What So Not and The Chain Gang of 1974, saw Flux veer into more melodic territory that stands in stark contrast to a cut like “I Can’t Stop.” The artistic recasting continues with “I Will Stay,” a record that places Flux Pavilion in good company: Turin Brakes.

“I Will Stay” is no one-off collaborative endeavor. Following 2017’s “Cut Me Out” and 2013’s “Mountains and Molehills,” “I Will Stay” is the third joint project to get the Flux-Brakes co-signature. Brakes’ rock conventions reflect from both the band-supplied vocal and chord progressions. “I Will Stay” bears a twinkling, synth-heavy construction. Not one to release a production wholly bereft of bass, Flux outfits the track with an ebbing bass line.

Photo Credit: @fluxpavilion/Instagram