First Listen: No Thanks feed speakers with bass boosted new single, ‘To The Top’

Some bass just warrants a boost in speaker volume, and such is the case with No Thanks’ “To The Top.” The swiftly rising tech house duo shift genre gears for the thunderous single, on which No Thanks cut straight to the chase: bass. The track’s high-octane construction translates to a pumping energy that powers “To The Top” from start to finish.

The production pair spike listeners’ adrenaline the inclusion of a looping vocal that issues a nod to the tune’s title as it verbalizes the phrase, “take it to the top.” No Thanks strategically place this vocal at the song’s onset and at its ascents to augment these areas. Gritty synth work rumbles when the builds collapse, making for gravelly drops that pack a consistent punch. “To The Top” follows No Thank’s debut single, “So Hot.”