First Listen: Different Heaven delivers effervescent new single, ‘Strangers’

From the first minute of “Strangers,” it’s clear: Different Heaven has another standout single on his hands. The producer, who previously gained momentum with 2013’s “My Heart” and 2016’s “Safe and Sound,” among other releases, enlists Roseanna Brown for “Strangers.” Brown’s vocal capabilities are immediately apparent; the tone of her voice is pure as she confidently verbalizes the track’s lyrical content. Lyrically, “Strangers” is a reflective, romantic rumination.

“‘Strangers’ tells a story about two strangers, who experience love for the first time,” Different Heaven told Dancing Astronaut. “That rush, jubilation, and the playful attitude that comes with the beginning of any relationship is intoxicating.”

Different Heaven captures this liveliness in the body of “Strangers.” The cut works with a rosy collection of chords that animatedly rise, adding to the bubbly, electronic personality of the song.

The narrative of “Strangers,” however, is not limited to the initial encounter of love. “The track also touches on a time where two people, who barely knew each other to start lose that spark that they once had,” Different Heaven explains.

“When we wrote the top-line, we were drawn to the feeling of wanting that spark of meeting someone for the first time and how relationships can fall into a ‘routine,’” Brown told Dancing Astronaut ahead of “Strangers’” release. “You just want it to go back to how it was at the beginning, when you were strangers and carefree, full of life.”

Much like those attracted to the spark of which Brown speaks, Different Heaven listeners will be similarly drawn to the light hearted, feel good energy of “Strangers.” The single is out now Sony/Ultra Music.