Factor B delivers “Into The Light” and you are not allowed to miss it!

‘Into The Light’ got its first airing (where else but!) at ASOT850 back in February. Inside Jaarbeurs it more than proved its mettle, when Brendan closed his Road To 1000 set with it. Armin van Buuren, Solarstone and label boss John O’Callaghan are just some the spinners who’ve since rallied to its radio & club cause, while DJ Mag UK scored it 8/10.

To be clear, style and energy-wise ‘Into The Light’ is not kidding around! If your set speakers is in need something that doesn’t stint on sonic force, mass or motion, look no further. With a tempo that goes straight for the primetime jugular, more rousing sub-melody flow than the Jetstream and a heart as big as an ocean, ‘Into The Light’’s got you covered.

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