Exclusive Premiere: CRNKN Releases Heavenly Remix Of Flapo's "Us"

Today we have the pleasure premiering something made by a widely known name in the industry, LA based producer/dj CRNKN. The track is a moving future bass remix Flapo’s “Us” featuring Josh Rubin.

The remix is a smooth and flowing rendition the original that includes lush future bass chords, crisp vocals and a guitar riff at the end to cap it all f. It is a take on Flapo’s track that will leave you only yearning for more and will give you an inclination why this producer has been killing it in the game for so long. CRNKN is known for creating some genre bending tracks, and this one is no different, incorporating the likes future bass, trap, and electro pop. The remix is simple yet also complex in the way it captures the emotions the original track while also perfectly representing this producers great skill and talent.

Make sure to check out CRNKN’s remix “Us” below…