Embark On A Sonic Journey With Shallou Through His New EP – 'Souls'

Shallou has worked tirelessly over the years to create tracks with real depth. The methodical, introspective nature the artist’s work makes for a pround listening experience. Shallou has just released a new 6-track album beautifully demonstrates how he has grown as an artist since his last releases.

Souls EP

‘Souls’ is a seven-track extended play that explores intelligent, pensive dance music in many different ways. While some tracks like the lead-f tune ‘Sigh’ are very relaxed, others like the collaboration with Kasbo, ‘Find’ have a distinct energy. These shifts in mood from track to track make for an EP that is truly a blast to listen to.

Immersion is the world which comes to mind when listening to ‘Souls’. Having just listened to the album all the way through, it kept my attention throughout, which is something I can rarely say about many albums released in 2018. The overall style ‘Souls’ is comparable to that Odesza and other Foreign Family artists but still is uniquely Shallou’s. While much dance music today is focused on raw energy and crowd reaction, Shallou has instead focused on telling a story through his music. This was done through meticulous attention to each and every note in the 7 songs.

Overall ‘Souls’ is a hauntingly beautiful album which evokes strong emotional and liberal amounts deep thought. It is the kind EP which you can get lost in. In today’s world, we need to take a step back and appreciate music which can help us take a journey without ever lifting a finger. Check out the EP below.