Eli & Fur Return To Their Roots In Latest EP “Night Blooming Jasmine”

Last week the Anjunadeep’s Eli & Fur dropped their highly anticipated four-track EP, “Night Blooming Jasmine”. As promised in a recent interview, Eli & Fur returned to their songwriting roots for this EP. The EP, especially the title track “Night Blooming Jasmine”, shines a spotlight on the duos vocal talent. “We wrote most the lyrics while in the city and recorded the vocals in the studio out there so listening to it really takes us back. The smell, the lights, the skies and not wanting to leave. As well as that sense how Hollywood used to be. The decadence it all and the cracks under the surface the American dream” the duo explains.

The rest the EP is just as desirable as the title track. “Something Was Real” delivers the darkest basslines the EP for that Deep fix. “Parfume” might be the most up-tempo track the four, but the difference is so subtle that it doesn’t take away the emotion from neither the track nor the EP itself. Finally, “Honest” is a balance a gentle melody with painfully ‘honest’ lyrical love-story.

“Night Blooming Jasmine” is available now Anjunadeep. For more on the EP and the background Eli & Fur, check out the video that they dropped over the weekend!

Title photo: Strykerfoto