Electric Forest Offers New Level Of Affordable Eco-Camping Taking Inspiration From European Festivals

In 2019, Electric Forest Music Festival is focusing very closely on being eco-friendly. While the competition has championed the trigger for the previous a number of years, it has significantly ramped issues up for 2019. The competition has made the choice to scale back all the way down to only one weekend as an alternative of happening throughout two.

This resolution has throughout the board been met with widespread approval. Besides being comparatively unsustainable, the 2 weekends would find yourself being unbalanced, and the grounds of the competition on weekend two have been all the time wrecked after weekend one.

Electric Forest Offers Eco Friendly Camping

The competition has supplied attendees the choice to purchase an eco-friendly tenting choice, within the type of an industrial/wood-fiber cardboard tent. The package deal comes with, the already arrange construction, a mattress pad, sleeping baggage, pillows, and provides to embellish your new dwelling for the weekend. Overall it’s a $200 add-on.

The web site assures that the brand new eco-friendly tent can maintain up in climate situations, and European festivals have already demonstrated this sort of tenting can survive heavy rains. Europe has been utilizing industrial cardboard tenting for years, and there are by no means any complaints of those buildings breaking down within the rain. Just check out Wacken Open Air. That being mentioned in case you are terribly nervous about rain penetrating industrial stage, wooden fiber cardboard (you are clearly confused that this is not a cardboard field), you possibly can all the time throw a tarp over it.

The $200 value level features a first rate quantity however is perhaps most attractive for people who’re flying to Electric Forest. Packing up a tent, sleeping baggage, mattress pads, and extra earlier than taking a flight is close to inconceivable. Therefore having the choice of an eco-friendly construction with all of the facilities you can want ready for you upon arrival does make sense.

While Electric Forest is getting a little bit of pushback for working to supply eco-friendly choices this yr with concepts that appear international to Americans, we applaud the occasion for taking steps that may assist with their environmental affect over the approaching years.

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