Electric Forest Continues to Inspire with "Green Ideas"

Electric Forest has been a festival that has set itself apart in recent years with its “clean festival” implementations. Having volunteers signing up and helping with the project has scored them some fascinating results. In 2018, they look to continue down the road clean up and keeping the Forest neat. The “Green Monarch Program” fers the opportunity to bring your environmental, green, sustainable vision to the music Festival and to leave a lasting impact on the way Festivals are viewed by the general public. Many “civilians” believe Music Festivals are a wasteland for our youth both environmentally and personally.

Announcing this new endeavor for #EF2018, this monarch will fer up the chance to bring it all together, bringing your vision to the frontline, in collaboration with the Elctricology Program. They are calling for anyone with ideas to come forth and apply their creative ideas to the Festival. For the new year, the festival is evolving the Monarch Challenge into the Green Monarch. They want the Forest goers to be best inhabitants the land possible through sustainable in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

In past yares, the program fered rewards like: Two Good Life Village Camping wristbands to Electric Forest 2018, with access to Good Life VIP viewing areas; Two invitations to the secret Electricology EcoPoints Party; Two Electricology Prize Packs with exclusive Electric Forest swag with the opportunity to bring forth your vision to The Forest. You can apply for the program below. This seems like something we should all get behind and try to impact in any way. The Forest is a magical place and the cleaner we can make it, the better we can impact the ultimate goal.
Apply For The Green Monarch Program HERE