DJ Glen & Bruno Furlan make heavy new DIRTYBIRD EP, 'Another Planet' – Dancing Astronaut

DJ Glen & Bruno Furlan make heavy new DIRTYBIRD EP, ‘Another Planet’

Brazil is a growing hotspot for quality underground-leaning DJs. DJ Glen and Bruno Furlan are two burgeoning talents fitting this description, and they’ve come together for a brand new EP that Claude VonStroke has picked up for DIRTYBIRD. In fact, given the high anticipation built around this new project as it’s been roadtested over past months and the gargantuan sounds packed inside, VonStroke has tapped Another Planet as one of DIRTYBIRD’s biggest releases of 2019.

Another Planet‘s title A-side is a veritable destroyer. Built with apocalyptic synth roars and a buzzing low end, the track explodes out of its breakdown with brute force and leaves a crazed dancefloor in its wake. “Ducking” closes out the EP on an edgier note, with undulating percussion hits and fierce vocal samples making for a spry and invigorating mix. Upon listening. it becomes clear why this EP is revered as such a hot ticket release.

Furlan is already a DIRTYBIRD veteran. He’d caught Claude VonStroke’s attention in 2018, where the two proceeded to collaborate on the searing, “The Book Is On The Table.”