Ditch Robinhood and stream Boys Noize’s ‘Game Stop (Wen Moon)’ instead

As the GameStop saga continues, the OG chad Boys Noize has released a moon shot anthem for the gamma squeeze heard ’round the world. A silly, tongue-in-cheek rolling trap production, “Game Stop (Wen Moon)” is just as absurd as the drama playing out across the stock market right now. If you’re already living Lambo dreams like /u/DeepFuckingValue or still trolling for the next pump & dump diamond hands 100-bagger, this is your new theme song.And, if there’s one thing to learn from this whole debacle, it’s this—fuck the suits and buy $BTC. And $ETH. And $AUDIO.Then, sign up for AUDIUS and follow us for more bootlegs and mixes on a platform that’s actually made for creators. Tags:
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