This year will continue their quest to enliven their festival grounds with cutting edge art, premiering Playmodes’ “Cluster” installation in Europe. The art installation, previously showcased in the US public to admire, will be brought to Barcelona and tweaked for the festival as DGTL’s main art object. “Cluster” is a unique and eye-catching desig destined to become the center piece this year’s event.

Cluster is an immersive audiovisual site-specific installation that explores relationships between space, time and perception. Geometric schematisation architecture using light instruments transforms the space into a container for the abstract language light and sound.

The audiovisual discourse is formed by a set sequential abstract scenes, which explore different concepts, for an overall show around 12 minutes. By walking through it, you will experience a surreal feeling being in another dimension.

DGTL has a longstanding history seamlessly blending art into their festival grounds, always looking for ways to collaborate with local artists to make the grounds stand out from the rest. From industrial pieces to interactive audio-visual installations, art has always been an integral part the DGTL concept.

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