Defining Sid Le Rock through ten songs [Exclusive Playlist]

Defining Sid Le Rock through ten songs [Exclusive Playlist]

Fifteen years of musicmaking and a penchant for crafting off-kilter, yet crossover friendly electronica across his own prime moniker and side projects like Pan/Tone have given Sid Le Rock a vast amount of clout within the production community. The French Canadian-turned-Berlinite broke out in 2004 with his Written in Lipstick LP, and over the better half of the last two decades has made a name for himself through his expressive, longform releases. His natural gift for sonic storytelling isn’t matched by many.

Le Rock has now returned to the spotlight with a brand new album in which he takes the Scenic Route to tell his tale. Set to release on Hamburg-based imprint Hafendisko on April 26, the multifaceted project glides over effervescent, hypnotic soundscapes, indie-tinged vocal works, and 4/4 stunners made with the after hours in mind. According to Sid, Scenic Route is an homage to the simpler things in life that carry a more profound, long-lasting impact amid today’s culture of instant gratification.

Curious to find out more about the Sid Le Rock aesthetic and ideas that have bred his sounds today, we asked the producer to make a shortlist of tracks that define him. He’s painstakingly chosen ten tracks that have both inspired him and informed his direction over the years while unearthing some serious gems from the crates. Pre-order Scenic Route here while reviewing his picks and what he has to say about their power over his career

Can – Mother Sky

“Whether you’ve been to Cologne, Germany on a Catholic pilgrimage to Der Kölner Dom (Cathedral) or a techno pilgrimage to Kompakt Records, for me, this is the band that put this fine city on the map.”

Various Artists – Decay Product -No.3 ( Debit ) [Chain Reaction]

“This is such a timeless masterpiece. One can hear the warm glow resonating from the synthesizer’s vacuum tubes, sparked by it’s enchanting melody. Chain Reaction / Basic Channel sound is the Berlin that once was before all the techno tourist traps infested this city with its circus music. Bitter perhaps? No, it is not all bad but for me and many others, this music symbolizes Berlin at its apex for experimental dub and electronic music. “

Skinny Puppy – Assimilate

“It’s my admiration for bands like Skinny Puppy and Industrial music in general, that served as the catalyst to a career in producing electronic music.”

Naturalist #5 – AtomTM

“Holy Uwe ‘friggin’’ Schmidt!. This is no ordinary human. If you have already heard of his aliases such as; Atom™, Atom Heart, or Señor Coconut, well it’s just a tiny slice of Schmidts musical odyssey. Here is one of my favourites under his Naturalist project.”

LB (aka Uwe Schmidt) – Ashes To Ashes (Digital Spacepop Replicant)

“Again, so good. Uwe Schmidt but this time under his LASSIGUE BENDTHAUS (LB) alias, with a rework of David Bowie’s classic – Ashes To Ashes. Fun!”

Cowboy Junkies – Sweet Jane

I melt whenever I hear this amazing cover of Lou Reed’s Sweet Jane. In celebrating Cowboy Junkies’ – The Trinity Session, which this cover appeared on, my fellow Canadians and friends – Camara and Deadbeat have recently collaborated to reproduce this album in its entirety. So go check out Trinity Thirty.

Trans AM – Futureworld

“I’ve been a faithfully following this new wave, experimental rock group when I first caught their live show in Toronto back in 1998. I’ve been a fan ever since then. Here’s a song taken from their 4th album – Futureworld.”

M-Plant – Monobox (Robert Hood) – Realm 1

“Detroit, minimal. Whatever. This is one of Robert Hoods best tracks. It was ahead of its time. “

Ween – Little Birdy

“I adore listening to these guys. My style of music may not resemble theirs in any way. However, Ween influenced me in more ways than most. Particularly with including a sense a humour or personality…that you can hear in their productions. The heavy use of multi effects and recording process. Here’s a drugged out track that always puts in a good mood.”

Dopplereffekt – Rocket Scientist

“Well, I discussed what my essential sound of Cologne and Berlin. When I think of what is by sound definition Detroit (incl. surrounding areas), I go with electro. So many influencers… Drexciya, Adult, Aux 88, Stingray, Model 500 and this, Dopplereffekt.”

Photo credit: Chrisette en Chachette