Crystal Skies showcase their electronic sensibilities on resplendent new EP, ‘Constellations’

Give virtually any cut from Crystal Skies‘ catalog a spin, and the suitability of Ophelia Records for the electronic duo will assuredly be apparent. From its luxuriant, layered melodies to its light flirtation with psy-trance (see “On My Own”) to its potent kisses of bass, Constellations brings the synchronicity of Crystal Skies’ sound with Ophelia’s into sharper focus.

In the time that has followed its February 2018 inception, Seven Lions‘ imprint has gained repute for its immersive releases, which routinely marry bass, dubstep, and psytrance elements with emotive chord progressions and lyrical content. Constellations easily fits into this broader aesthetic. The successor to 2017’s Dichotomy, Crystal Skies’ Constellations arrives as a five-cut exploration of electronic texture that is audible in the strings that provide the poised opening to “Release Me” and the resounding bass that explodes at “Feels Right” and “One More Night’s” drops.

The lyrically expressive character of Constellations‘ inclusions tug ever so gently at the heartstrings as the project’s enveloping, larger than life production creates a sense of sonic fullness. Given the EP’s title, it might seem a syrupy cliché to call Constellations a starry showing, but that’s exactly what is is.