Chromeo delight with social distance-themed parody tune

On April 3, Chromeo fans were thrilled to discover the Grammy-nominated duo had taken to Instagram to release their first “quaran-jam” called “Clorox Wipe.” The video showed Dave 1 and P-Thugg crafting a funky tune about staying clean and healthy in the time of coronavirus, with amusing lyrics to accompany the groovy melody.

If I could reincarnate, tonight / I would be a Clorox wipe / ‘Cause I know in this climate, you might / Finally want me in your life / I would have a purpose, I’ll be at your service / Let me wipe your surface, ’cause that don’t make me nervous / I’ll be so effective, you won’t be affected / I’m not trying to be your man / I’m just your disinfectant.

The following week on April 12, the duo shared a follow-up to “Clorox Wipe” entitled “6 Feet Away.” During the sophomore “quaran-jam,” the artists encourage social distancing with the following lyrics:

“I saw you at the grocery store, I couldn’t even say hi / I saw you in the parking lot, I couldn’t catch your eye / They’re gonna scream at us if we’re talking too close / But I’m alone in my house and it’s you I need the most / When it’s all over I won’t miss this / Right now I’ma go the distance / I’m just gonna love you from six feet away.”

With the question “should we do one of these a week?” it seems likely that the duo will be doing more of these as worldwide social distancing and quarantining continues.

Photo credit: Tim Saccenti