Charli XCX teams up with Yaeji and Clairo for ‘February 2017’

Charli XCX has teamed up with Yaeji and Clairo for the effective girl-group fans never knew they needed with new single “February 2017.” The three artists co-wrote the track together, and it tells the story of a disintegrating romance and reconciliation. The subtle tune highlights the three artists in her own unique way with a categorically pop backdrop.

Charli XCX speaks about the collaboration in an official release, stating,

“Collaborating with Yaeji and Clairo was really fun and unique. We are all very different artists but coming together on this song felt so special and right. Clairo and I made a load of songs together in my studio in LA one afternoon at the beginning of the year. None of them were this song but it was so easy to write with her that the second I came up with this idea separately I sent it over to her and she came back with loads of ideas. We sent over this idea to Yaeji too and she did a really beautiful verse. It sounds so intimate. It’s one of the most intimate moments on the album. We shot this artwork in Barcelona. These two women are really kind, talented and brilliant. I enjoy both of their music so much. I’m happy we have this song together.”

“February 2017” is out ahead of Charli XCX’s impending LP launch. The compilation is called Charli, and it will be out on Atlantic Records on September 13.