Carnage and Mac Miller Team Up For An Unexpected New Release

Carnage has had a rough go at it so far in 2018. Between the Ultra line up mishap which forced him to cancel, to his demanding respect which backfired intensely, it seems like the cross over producer has been intent on spraying liter fluid on an already out control burn. His latest release with Mac Miller, is most likely a single f his upcoming album.

‘Learn How To Watch’ is an interesting track. On the nose it is a total success. Mac Miller really elevates the tune with his multiple verses, but in the end the beat tends to get a bit repetitive. While the negatives on ‘Learn How To Watch’ are negligible it is hardly some the best music we have ever heard, even though Carnage demanded that it would be. Check it out below and let us know your thoughts on the latest endeavor with the ever increasing in size – EDM Rap.