Cali Trio Bahari Drop Dance Infused Track "Savage"

The trio progressive young women, Bahari, know how to stir up the status quo with their music. As evidenced by their independent releases “Fucked Up” and “For What It’s Worth,” and adamant support the youth movement for gun control, these lovely ladies are in a position to set the world on fire with their unique sound. Marching along with the confident combination musical experimentation and lyrical innovation, the SoCal alternative pop threesome have released their latest song, “Savage”.

The group comprised Ruby Carr, Natalia Panzarella and Sidney Sartini are here to make some noise! Channeling the inner tensions that run through us all, Bahari takes the track title to heart. We find the superwomen teasing about a wild love capable manic destruction with a stiletto kicking narrative that masterfully captures a rollercoaster ride emotions that range from heaven to hell. Incorporating vivid storytelling with an expertly packaged sound that adds to the sense organized chaos, Bahari brings out the best their collective talents. “Savage” is a testament to the refreshing sound pop music with more adult sensibilities, appealing to discerning listeners who appreciate meaningful dialogue across a terrain lush melodies. Setting the bar high for the rest the indie alternative pop universe, Bahari commands your attention in whatever space they occupy. A full album is slated for Summer 2018 (Drizzy voice).

As they continue to incorporate more and more Dance Music elements to their music, the sky is the limit for this trio from Cali. The outstanding vocals, paired with undeniable lyrical prowess have them in a position to dominate soundwaves for the foreseeable future! Keep an eye out on these ladies, things are about to POP OFF!

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