Burn666 delivers an intoxicating vocal deep house track “Beautiful Strangers”!

We’re always on the look for up and coming talent and we’re super excited to introduce you to Burn666. He’s a promising young producer who is the man behind this sensational single, “Beautiful Strangers“ and you get to hear it here first!

“Beautiful Strangers” is an intoxicating vocal deep house track, one that drowns you in a blissful world that only makes you want to press play over and over again. Burn666 provides a punchy bass line on top of ambient pads and perfectly placed vocals that all come together perfectly for a genuine solid production. It’s deep house at its finest and no doubt a song that will enjoy a lot of success in 2023.

Overall, driving the energy and spirit of the vibe to a peak, the song strikes a fine balance of feeling like a vocal track, but still keeps in enough traits to hit like a proper club-friendly banger, but also a friendly radio tune. Listen it bellow and if you like it as we do, add it to your personal Spotify playlist.