BREAKING: EDC Las Vegas' lineup is going live on Facebook [Stream Here] – Dancing Astronaut

BREAKING: EDC Las Vegas’ lineup is going live on Facebook [Stream Here]

The moment EDC Las Vegas fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. As of publication time, 6:00pm Pacific on March 26, Insomniac Events owner Pasquale Rotella is unveiling the iconic festival’s lineup EDC’s official Facebook stage. Listen closely to each of the tracks being played; they hold the key to who will be making an appearance come May 17.

Each year of EDC builds upon its last, with the festival drawing in hundreds of thousands of dance music aficionados to the Las Vegas speedway for a celebration under the electric sky. In the past, notable acts like Martin Garrix, Bassnectar, Armin van Buuren, Mat Zo, and many more have played across its multiple stages, and this 2019’s billing is looking to mirror the quality the festival brings to the table in its curation.

EDC’s full lineup will be revealed on March 27 at 10am PST.



Photo Credit: Jake West