Boris Brejcha lays down entrancing ‘EXIT’ EP via Ultra Records

Boris Brejcha continues to hypnotize fans with his transforming high-tech minimal elegance as he returns to Ultra Records to deliver his three-track EP, EXIT. Following his track “House Music” with Arctic Lake, the mysterious German techno producer leads listeners down a rabbit hole of escapism on EXIT that reminds longtime and first-time listeners alike exactly what landed Brejcha on Dancing Astronaut’s Top Electronic Albums of 2020 with his Space Diver LP.Through puzzling melodies and resonating basslines, Brejcha’s EXIT EP finds itself uniquely planted between the progressive and minimal techno spaces. Brejcha’s two-step deep tech sound stands out on the three newly delivered tracks as melodic soundscapes and perplexing atmospheres leave no room for doubt as to why the masked DJ is amongst one of the crowd favorites in the scene today. Listen to the EXIT EP below.Featured image: Sven BorisTags: , , , , , ,
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