Balancing Artistry & Entrepreneurship: D.J.C.

Balancing Artistry & Entrepreneurship: D.J.C.’s Dual Role In The Music World

D.J.C. , the multi-talented artist, and the visionary behind “Sexy House Thang,” sheds light on the intricate dance between his artistic endeavors and his role as the driving force behind NexGen Music, a label group and platform fostering musical talent. Recently the producer revealed his creative process, future plans, and the delicate balance he maintains as both an artist and a music industry entrepreneur.

While the spotlight is on his recent release, D.J.C. discloses that “Sexy House Thang” is just the tip of the iceberg. He’s been cultivating musical sketches for over three decades, resulting in a treasure trove of creative ideas waiting to be unleashed. Despite his commitment to NexGen Music, he. is determined to share more of his own compositions with the world, promising a multi-genre LP project on the horizon. 

As he navigates these two worlds, D.J.C. emphasizes that his primary focus remains on growing NexGen Music and fostering a thriving community of artists. His own musical journey, while important, takes a back seat to the broader mission of nurturing and showcasing emerging talent. 

Intriguingly, D.J.C. hints at an evolving sound that continues to blend his British-Jamaican heritage with American influences. With plans to release more music across various genres and styles, he proves that his versatility knows no bounds. Standing as an example of how an artist can gracefully balance entrepreneurship and creativity, the musician leaves an indelible mark on the industry while nurturing the talents of tomorrow.

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