Bailo Releases Chilled Down New Single Featuring M.E. Swank and Sauce

‘Rush’ is the latest single from Bailo and features M.E. Swank and Sauce.. The tune is a chilled out future house tune that also incorporates trap styling. M.E. Swank lays down perfect verses which beautifully pull together a tune that without solid vocals would have been nothing out the ordinary. Sauce who also co-wrote the lyrics, lends his instrumental expertise in the guitar sections the track. The three artists involved on this project are like a perfect storm dance music, each adding a crucial elements to the overall package.

Bailo directly translates to dance and that is exactly what you will be doing to this fun little tune that arrives just in time for the beginning festival season. The pitched and chopped vocals on the drop are reminiscent DJ Snake productions but overall originality shines through. Check out the tune below.

Photo Via Bailo Facebook