BACH delivers a must have future bass original !

I really missed a good vocal future bass tune and thankfully the music gods listened to my prayers. I am proud to present you today a real talented american producer which goes by the name BACH and his new tune “I wanna be”. With great vocals on the break part, this tune has everything that you might want: a lovely message, superb melodic lines and an overall chilling vibe, that will help you fully enjoy the all 4 minutes this track. After a superb intro followed by the first break, the full energy this beauty will be felt once the first drop kicks in. Naturally the second break comes just to chill a bit the atmosphere with it’s layered pads and angelic vocals, but not for long, because the final drop will remember you why do you love future bass so much. Overall this is a great production by BACH and an eager to hear more this upcoming talent. Check it below and show some support to our producer: