Baauer, Channel Tres, and Danny Brown release house-forward bumper for GTA

Baauer has joined forces with Detroit rapper, Danny Brown, and Channel Tres for a vocal-led, house-leaning bumper, “Ready To Go.” The track is featured as an exclusive single launching Brown’s new Grand Theft Auto radio station for GTA V. The beat was cooked up between the two electronic producers in Sholhmo’s LA studio, and Brown picked it up for a video game release.

With a strong vocal contrast between Tres’ monotone cadence and Brown’s energetic yield, a pseudo acid house percussion fits finely underneath the center stage voices. This is Baauer’s first 2019 release. The artist is known for a the decade-defining song, “Harlem Shake,” that became the No. 1 Billboard chart-topper just after the ranking system began taking into account YouTube statistics.

Photo credit: @baauer/Instagram